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Mile: Transforming Global Finance for Good

Fostering equal access to fast, free, and fair financial tools, Mile Unity Foundation aims to reshape the global financial paradigm

Cryptocurrencies promise to disrupt the global economy and finance in ways we are just beginning to imagine, potentially one day replacing fiat currencies in the march toward a cashless society. But extreme volatility has hindered widespread adoption of digital currencies for day-to-day transactions.

Now Mile Unity Foundation has stepped forward to evangelize stable digital currencies as a solution to volatility, and to the inequalities inherent in conventional monetary trade. With a rapidly growing number of embassies and ambassadors worldwide, the foundation works to educate people about new financial technologies and how to apply them in real economies around the globe.

MUF’s mission is educate governments and companies and spread new technologies to build a global united economy with equal access to fast, free and secure cross-border trade, investments and money remittance. Its vision is for all people to have equal opportunities to trade, invest and remit to each other, and cooperate to create value, so that humanity can become wealthy enough to shift the focus from net profits to the public good.

The educational nonprofit is spreading the word about fast, free, and fair transactions available using the Mile blockchain. The technology supports two crypto assets: the stable coin XDR and Mile, a coin with a fixed maximum supply designed to act as collateral. XDR is backed by Mile to keep the value of XDR stable and close to the value of SDR, an international reserve asset created by the IMF based on five major currencies. This approach is designed minimize volatility and maximize user control, paving the way for mass adoption.

“Having a currency that is completely separate and apart from fiat is game changing and what is believed to be the future of digital money,” Forbes states.

Mile Unity Foundation’s chief spokesman is board member George Goognin, blockchain entrepreneur and founder of both the Karma cross-border p2p blockchain platform and the Blockchain Experts Chamber at the Russian Parliament. He is available as an expert source for media inquiries on topics including:

* Applying blockchain to global cross-border trading, finance and money remittance.
* Global finance, sanctions, and trading.
* Financial inequality and inclusion of emerging countries.

“We are a nonprofit, decentralized, politically neutral community,” Goognin says of MUF. “The technology allows for free, fast, secure cross-border transactions with stable units of account. Plus, we have a humanitarian mission of financial inclusion and education.”

Goognin was searching for algorithms to correct instability in world markets when he came across the blockchain created by an anonymous community named Lotus Mile. He believes such decentralized and transparent open source technologies can cure the ills of the world monetary system, with its centralized regulations, unstable exchange rates, and uncontrolled issuance of fiat money.

“Global collaboration on money issuance is one of the key fields where blockchain-based technologies could be implemented, as the money-minting algorithm is the same for private individuals and governmental agencies alike,” states “Its ecosystem is transparent, decentralized, and fair, and limits fraudulent manipulations with currency rates and volumes of issued money.”

Mile’s built-in resistance mechanisms, such as noise filtering, social responsibility, and self-printing currency generation, are attracting worldwide interest. Based in South Korea, MUF will soon open a branch as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the US. MUF has elected first ambassadors and is establishing embassies in Japan, US, South Korea, China, India, Russia and Kazakhstan.

The foundation is working to build networks and partnerships with intergovernmental organizations, government officials, top tech universities, and liquidity markets through activities including hackathons, seminars, and roundtables with government, business, and tech leaders. All are geared toward spreading access to the fast, free, and fair financial tools – and the new opportunities they present.

“This blockchain technology was built to use in the real economy, because that is the only way to have the organic intrinsic value and motivate people to use it,” Goognin says.

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